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How to load data after remodelling

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Dear Gurus,

Scenario is:

I have CUBE which is loaded with history data and daily delta is also running. Now want to add 2 more characteristics to this cube. So using remodelling tool in BI7.0, I can add 2 new char. without deleting the existing data. This 2 new char is available in attached datasource. So after adding char. to CUBE using remodeling concept, I will start the load again. But this will load new char. with only future records. How history data for these 2 char will be loaded.

I searched the form, but could not get the exact answer. I hope class IF_RSCONV_EXIT has to do something here.

Please guide.



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Hi Pank,

While creating a Remodeling rule, you can find options to specify how you want the new InfoObjects to be filled.

There are 4 options - Fill with Constant, 1:1 mapping with existing characteristic, Attribute of existing characteristic and Customer exit(needs coding effort).

Details about each of the filling methods and how to create Customer exits is specified in the below link -


Hope it helps.