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How to Load a Flat File into BW-BPS Using a Web Browser

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I'm using the upload functionality described in the how to guide.

When we want to have this functionality available for 12 different Planning levels. Do I have to create the Web Interface (as described in the how to guide) for each Planning Level separately, or can i pass a parameter in the URL (wenn calling the File Upload functionality) to determine which Planning level and Function it is.

This pice of coding i want to have a bit more flexible

*Execute planning function

          i_area     = 'ZIPM0001' " <<<< ADJUST
          i_plevel   = 'ZCAPB006' " <<<< ADJUST
          i_package  = '0-ADHOC'  " <<<< ADJUST
          i_function = 'ZEX00001' " <<<< ADJUST
          i_param    = 'Z0000001' " <<<< ADJUST
          e_subrc    = l_subrc
          etk_return = lt_bapiret.

Does someone have an idea ?

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dieter,

you should be able to grab the variable value by the following statement (e.g. in this case 'area' is being passed along, works for whatever you want to send) is:

data: l_area type upc_y_area.

l_area = request->get_form_field( 'area' ).

in this case the calling URL looks like:

<normal URL>?area=example_area

example_area will then contain your value.

Then depending on the value execute your different SEM functions

Note that if you want to load different flatfile formats, more has to change in the functions as indicated in the white paper,

Hope it helps,



I got it from the following document I found on SAPNet or SDN (forgot..) some time back:

How To… Call a BPS Web Interface with Predefined Selections

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Hi Marc,

thanks for your answer regarding the parameter in the url,

we have different file formats-> our external consultant creadet for each different file format an indivduell Fucnction Group, (as described in the how to paper, to declare in the top include the table type).

I already thought about putting all FM in one FUGR and declare my table dynamic. Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you


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