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How to link the variable entry with the planning function execution

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Hi All,

I am new to IP , we have a requirement where the user enters the value 2008 for a variable year. Then we are supposed to copy the same combinations for the next four years against which the user will be able to input the key figure values. But i have only 2008 data in the cube, so i need to generate new records for the same characteristic combinations as present for 2008 for the next four years. I am planning to use a copy function for this but how can i trigger this planning function once the user enters the value for the year variable. I want the planning function to get executed once the user clicks OK after the variable entry. Request your valuable inputs on the same.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tilak,

for this u have an option of executing the planning sequence when the web template loads ie. after the variable screen.

open the WAD.

go to the properties of Web Template web item. Under the section standard action of the webtemplate, we have a n option to include planning functions under action before rendering.

If u include your planning sequence in this this will get executed every time the layout loads.

guess this is usefull to u.



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Hi Shafi,

Can i have the process for BEx .

Thanks in advance

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Answers (1)

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For this you can create buttons and link it with planning function "COPY".

The steps are as follows :

1. go to modeler and create a Variable on Fiscal Year as Manual Input

2. Create a Copy Function ( chose Fileds for condition as Fiscal Year) and attach the variable created by you

3. Create as Interface ( Excel or WAD) as per your requirement and create an button( text as OK) linking the planning function created

4. Pass the variables and execute the function