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How to know what are all the lookups on top of Infoproviders(cube/dso) in sap bw

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Hi ,

I want to know the list of the what are all lookup on top of infoproviders,

Please help me.



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Answers (2)

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check table RSAABAP field LINE enter your InfoProvider in between *, so for example if your InfoProvider is ZINFO, then enter it like *ZINFO* (and try also with *zinfo* - see comment below)

/!\ it's case sensitive

to go from RSAABAP to the actual place where that code is used... search SCN/Google on RSAABAP... I believe there are actually program codes out there that could help you

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Hello Surendra P,

You can check DSO/Cube through this Button -


Go to Metadeta Repository, Enter the Name of DSO/Cube and Search.


Pick the Name of Table of DSO , Go to SE11 and open the table and from where-to-used list, you will get the list of Program (Transformation generated Programs) and Tables/Structure.

For Transformation and Routine - Select the Program name from where-to-used list and check in Table RSTRAN. you will get the Transformation ID from this Table.


Pratyaksh Jeet