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How to know in wich tab you currently are in the pcui?

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Hi everyone,

Does annyone knows if there is an indicator that indicate you the current tab where the user is working in?

I want my BSP to do different action depending on wich tab the user is in.

I'm working in the BSP CRMD_BUS2000126 for the activities.


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Answers (3)

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i don't have access to the event.

the problem is that i have to do some validation in a BADI and depending on wich tab the user is when he it the save buton, i have to do a specific action.


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Are you modifying the BSP or did you create your own?

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i'm using the standard sap bsp application CRMD_BUS2000126 and i want to implement the BADI

CRM_ACTIVITY_H_BADI where i will put my validations.

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I will move over my posting from the ABAP forum as well in case it is a help to anyone:

This is probably a question better suited to the BSP forum. I also noticed that your application name starts with CRM. I'm not familiar with CRM and its particular take on BSP, but I can tell you how I do this in my BSP applications:

First I use the phtmlb:containerTabStrip to create my tabstrip. I use an application class attribute to store my selectedIndex (the current selected Tab).

<phtmlb:containerTabStrip id                    = "TabStrip15"
                          collapsed             = "FALSE"
                          collapsible           = "FALSE"
                          firstVisibleItemIndex = "1"
                          hasContentConnector   = "TRUE"
                          maxVisibleItems       = "5"
                          onCollapse            = "myCollapse"
                          scrollableItems       = "TRUE"
                          selectedIndex         = "<%= application->SELECTED_date2       %>" >

Now I use MVC, so in my DO_HANDLE_EVENT method of my controller class I trap the tabstrip event and query for the selected tab:

data: event_id type string.
  event_id = event.
  if htmlb_event is not initial.
    event_id = htmlb_event->id.
  data: model type ref to zcl_bsp_m_eqi_selection.
  data: appl type ref to zcl_eq_bsp_eqi.
****Get a pointer to the Model Object.
  model ?= get_model( 'MS' ).
****Get a Pointer to the application Object
  appl ?= application.
  if event_id cs 'tabstrip15'.
    data: event1 type ref to if_htmlb_data.
    event1 = cl_htmlb_manager=>get_event_ex( request ).
    if event1->event_type eq cl_phtmlb_containertabstrip=>co_phtmlb_event_tab_selected.
      appl->selected_date2 = event1->event_server_name.

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Do you have access to the event handler for processing? If so just read the tabStrip object.