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How to Keep the Activity Step Work Item in User Inbox Based on User Action

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I have a Activity Step Executed and the Work Item is in User Inbox, upon executing the Work Item it will call a screen for user input and has option to cancel or submit for further processing.

Here if the user cancels the action, the work item should remain in user inbox to re-visit again.

I enabled Confirm End of Processing option in the task, but it gives a pop up and we don't want that option. I tried to set the WI Status to 'In Process' with FM SAP_WAPI_SET_WORKITEM_STATUS, but it is not working as the Function Module must not be used within the execution of a workflow or work item. so it is failing to set the status.

Is there any other way to set the Work item status, during execution of the WI(Activity Step), based on user action in the calling screen.

Appreciate you valuable inputs.



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Thank you Mike, macro EXIT_CANCELLED worked for me, I thought it will have a error message in WF Log, it says Action canceled by used as warning message only, Perfect.