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How to integrate Sap FSM and Appgyver (sap builds) via SAP CPI for appointment booking

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Hi, I need to schedule appointment from sap bulds app by selecting business partner from business list in sap fsm and upon that book appointment to collect material, do i need to fetch servicall and update it ? how to schedule appointent after getting vendor from business list, please guide.

I have created Business List in Sap Fsm and I have deployed IFLOW and fetch business partner that i have created , But next step , I need to schedule appointment in my sap build aap through this Recycle House vender, on particular date and time , some one suggested that fter fetching vender, you need to create service call and that will assign available person to pickup my belonging, but now how i will create service call from sap cpi for this.Even i am not able to get or fetch city name that i have created in fsm ,someone suggest to check web service as city name is fetching null.

CPI Iflow created and tested for vendor working good but i need to fetch on basis of city.

From postman : get request not providing city name only giving business list name

https://{cluster name confidential}/api/data/v4/BusinessPartner?fields=name,city&dtos=BusinessPartner.17

why city is giving null value dispite of added city name in fsm address, if it will give actual value of city then i will filter business partner name in my iflow on city basis.

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