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How to integrate Portal with SRM (workflow emails)

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We are on SRM version 6 and Enterprise Portal version 7 SP12.

The SRM system creates several workflow emails containing links into our Portal. How do we customize these links such that the portal opens to the appropriate location?

As an example, an email to a supervisor requesting an approval of a shopping cart should have a link to open the supervisor's UWL.

I know how to create quick links in Portal. What I need help understanding is where/how to configure SRM per workflow email type.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi kevin,

U can configure the UWL for SRM in the sameas u do for ERP systems.U can see the workflows in ur UWL once u configure ur UWL..just check this link for UWL configuration.................



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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We were also in a similar situation. We are on SRM 6.0 and EP 7 SP12.

I think you can directly use the program /sapsrm/offlineapprovalsend and set it up as a batch job which basically is used for offline approvals. but we were able to deactivate the accpet reject buttons..

the logon link here in the email is directly navigating the user to the relevant document on the UWL.

But we are now trying to mimic the same scenario where we would like to send a contract link in an email when the contract expires... We are using the BBP_ALERTING badi and would like to send a Dynammic portal link for the contract so that the landing page will be the contract directly..

hope that answers your question and also let me know if you have any ideas around this.

SRM Team