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How to install Printer in network

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Currently i am using VPN Connection and working on Client server but i want to take printout on my local printer.As i am not in my network how do i take printout in my network.Please tell me what re the settings required .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to Spool Administration(SPAD)

On Output devices,Click on display

Go to change mode and create a new output device

In Device Attributes tab:

Give device type as SWIN: windows Printing via sappld

Give device class Standard Printer

Model : <b>Ex:hp laserjet 1020</b>

Location: IP address (On which system printer is located)

In Access Method tab:

In Host Spool Access Method select F: Printing on Front End Computer

Host printer : __DEFAULT

And save it.

After creating this give this output device to user in defaults who want to access the printer.

Select output immediately and delete output request.

<b><i>Login to that system to which printer is connected and connect the printer to the required system.</i>


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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It will work, You can install printer locally. Depend upon application there is printer setup.

which application in client using..

Go to proper settings it will work.

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Hi there,

Make your local printer as default and check it out.

Also try to check whether you get option to choose



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In SAP Using SPAD local printer need to configure with device type SAPWIN : Rel 4.x/SAPLpd 4.09+ only!