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How to install PDK6.6

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Hi all,

I want to install PDK 6.6 but I dont really know how. I tried SystemAdministration -> Transport -> Import.... than Client as Source for the packages and it fails to add the .sda files. I tried also SDM...Deploy, choose the 2 sda files but when everything was finished I dont really know if anything happened in my portal..... I had a previous instalation of PDK 6.2, so the Java Role was already created...

Thank you very much for your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the way to do it is through the SDM. After install from there you should find the java role that includes everything you need to develop. I am not sure if you have to remove the previous pdk before installing the new one. Maybe that is the problem.


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Hi Bjorn,

As I said, I had PDK 6.2 installed. I DONT KNOW how to remove it. So the Java Role was there even before I did the deployment of 6.6 with SDM, so dont really know if anythinkg changed in my portal..... Can you adise me how to check this?


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Hi Sanda ,

I did it the same way as you say. What you will get is 2 java roles. For each role a workset will be created/displayed.

Role Java Developer (PDK 60.6)


Getting Started

User Interface Development

Portal Development

Portal Runtime Technology

Knowledge Management


OBN Examples

Role Java Developer (PDK 60.2) - (pcd:portal_content/






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