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How to install J2EE unattended or silent?

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I could not find documentation on how to install J2EE in unattended or silent mode, like sapgui. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me how it is done?

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I know that this thread is a little bit old, but I don't want to write a new thread when the same topic wasn't covered in any way in the old one!

So again is an unattended installation of NetWeaver possible with sapinst?

I'm currently at this point:

- I installed an Enterprise Portal on NW SR3

- control files etc. were properly created and I saved them for further installations

My questions:

(1) can I use sapinst to install NetWeaver in silent mode again? (with same configuraiton files etc.)?

(2) It is an installation with an Oracle DB. How can I automate the installation break between Oracle and NetWeaver Installation dialog.

PS: Don't want to dizz anyone, but a silent installation of the Oracle Application Server is no big deal ) joke so how does NetWeaver?


- Julian

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(0) Save your old installation to e.g. /tmp/sapinst_instdir_bak

(1) edit the conrol.xml of your in /tmp/sapinst_instdir_bak

SAPINST_SKIP_DIALOGS = true (former value: false)

(2) rerun the sapinst with the old control-file as parameter:

./sapinst /tmp/sapinst_instdir_bak/NW0S/.../control.xml

(3) The following error orccurs:

The installation runs through the installation steps without doing anything. And reports the installation as completed. Guess sapinst remembers the step where it stops the last time (in this case the end of the last installation). Anyone has a clue which files this might be? Maybe INSTANA.xml but this is not referenced in the control.xml 😕

- J

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"using the search function might help". Yes that's right!

"Note 950619 - Installation of SAP Systems with Unattended Mode " has everything you need to install sap in silent mode.

bye J.B.

PS: Maybe one of the moderators can close this thread, because the initial question was from 2007! Thanks

Edited by: J.B. on Nov 12, 2009 2:32 PM