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how to insert data from webdypro form to ztable

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hi all,

i have created one webdynpro form and i have created one ztable in sap system.

when ever i have to give information in input fields in webdypro page, at that time the information should go to ztable in sap system.

i am developing in webdynpro in abap.

i am using sap ecc6.0 version, please help in this area.

please help me how to link from webdypro page and ztable.

how many ways to update the data into ztable thru web dypro abap system.

thanks and regards,

sai siva kumar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I should think it would be possible to update the ztable using a BAPI, called from the ABAP webdynpro.

The might be able to help you better.

Hope this helps.


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hi sudha,

thanx for giving the solution,

this is one i used and i got success.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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When you have the FORM fileds mapped on to your view's context which inturn mapped on to your component controller context, you have create a button on the view and have a method fired on that using ONACTIONXXX method. In side the method you just need to read the context and then push the data using a class method or FM call which pushes the data on to database table.