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How to include another column

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I have to add another Data Column to my BPS Layout.

This additional Data Column is simply whereby my user needs to input "price" data one-time only. It doesn`t change over the years.


                                             <b>PRICE</b>    Jan 2005   Feb 2005   Mar 2005  Apr 2005   June 2005  July 2005   Aug 2005   Sep 2005 ....
  <b>Title</b>:Nominal Gross Domestic Product        
               - Real GDP Growth (%)                 XXX              XXX          XXX           XXX           XXX         XXX
  <b>Title</b>:Securities Total Trading Value
               - On-market transactions              XXX
               - Direct business transactions        XXX
               - No of trading days                  XXX
               - Average daily turnover              XXX
  <b>Title</b>:Information Services
               - Authorised Subscriber Licences      XXX
               - Terminal subscribers                XXX
               - Internet subscribers                XXX
               - Telecommunication subscription      XXX

Now, I have modelled this PRICE as a key Figure and inserted it in my Data Column(Layout: Key Figures in Data Column)

Although, here in the BPS Layout it works fine...But, in my query, I can only use ONE KEY FIGURE. And I have to include another Key Figure which basically represents the values earlier.

Hence, my question is how can I include 2 Key Figure in my BEx Query ?

I was thinking to model this "PRICE" as characteristic, but the values for this PRICE will repeat and I cannot seem to add repetitive values for the characteristic master data.

Please help!

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HI John,

I don't think it's possible to add 2 key-figures.



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Hi Kurt,

Aight mate.

Any idea for a workaround ?

Basically, I was thinking of having the PRICE UNIT as a characteristic.

However, the issue here is that there are repetitive values for the PRICE UNIT

Could someone please give some idea...or do let me know should you require further elaboration on this issue.

Thanking in advance !

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Hi John,

Not very clear whether you want two key figure columns in the "BPS layout" or "Bex Query".

If it is Bex query, you can also have more than two key figures in the query.

If you could elaborate/detail the problem, would help.



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Hi John,

A preferable solution is to have the price as a key figure.

In Bex, you have so much flexibility in designing the query. You can go for defining individual cell values that gives the freedom to use as many key figures. Depending on your exact layout requirement, you will be able to come up with a suitable query design. Anybody good in Bex design can help you.