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How to import webdynpro JAVA application deployed on SAP Portal

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I have a web dynpro JAVA application running on SAP portal in which I need to make changes. I have no previous experience of working on SAP portal or webdynpro JAVA. It would be really great if some any one could guide me how to go about the below requirement.

We  have webdynpro JAVA application running in Prod in which we need to make some minor changes. How should I go about this requirement

  1. Do I need to download webdynpro JAVA component from SAP Portal. If yes how do I do that. I tried navigation system Admin-> support->portal runtime etc. but was not able find the component in question. I also tried server path /Server0/app/ but only thing I found was the java source code.
  2. any other option which I should explore so that I can retrieve the production version of the webdynpro application and make changes to it.

I don't have backup of the project in which the webdynpro  application was developed.

Awaiting response.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Messing with WDJ apps is a royal pain in the uhm....staying professional here....let's just say, it is a real headache.

Your first hurdle will be talking to your BASIS team and either making sure NWDS is in place or having them install it (good luck on that one! haha)

NWDS is how you will "check out", "check in", test and "stage" your app as it moves along (similar to the transport system).

Learning NWDS from a developer standpoint is another HUGE headache.

Once you get past that point, then you will be able to "pull in" the app, make your changes and re-deploy.....and take care to insure your changes are not written over later in some "upgrade" or "patch". Again...BIG headache.

An easier route if you have the chance, is just to do the whole thing as a WDA app. MUCH easier to develop and deploy.

Having ZERO experience "working on SAP portal or webdynpro JAVA" as you stated is really putting you at a disadvantage. You would need a good 6 months or more just to "get up to speed"....and then you just spend 6+ months learning a tech that SAP has far since moved away from (ie. useless). Just my $0.02....not trying to scare you. haha

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hey Soumit,

Like Christopher said, the best way is to use NWDS (eclipse) and have your BASIS team configure NWDS to export/import to your Dev environment.

Another option is if you know the specific file(s), you can ask your BASIS team to find it and give you a copy. Then you can make your changes locally and hand back to BASIS for deployment.

If you do some searches on how to modify the Login page for the Portal, it is a similar approach to that.

But really, NWDS is the way to go for WDJ, if you can get it all setup. If it is a custom application, and you can switch to WDA (again like Christoper suggested) that is another way to go as well.



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Hello Guys,

thank you for your inputs. With help from basis guys I was able to download few file from server ( usr/SID/ server0/app/ ) which have some JAVA code will that be useful. We are also trying to get in touch with Basis team to configure NWDS so that I can import wedynpro components from portal.