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How to import File Events using Import Rule Sets

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Hi all,

I have several file events defined. They are fine working.

Now, I want to import a file event from D(evelopment) to Q(uality).

In D the file is being triggered by file file found in the following path: /Bodata/D11

In Q the file is being triggered at the following path: /Bodata/Q11

I do import this file event definition using a "Import Rule Set" - which replaces for jobchains the user, the sap system and so on. That works fine.

But I cannot make it work for file-event defintions, that the path gets replaces by the correct environmental path.

(picture shows the file event defintion, the path should change in Q)


How should such a rule look like?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This cannot be done with the builtin matching rules, but you can achieve it with a few lines of code in  an Import Action.


  for (Iterator it = jcsImportRuleSet.getObjects().iterator(); it.hasNext();)


    Object o = (Object);

    if (o instanceof FileEventDefinition)


      FileEventDefinition fed = (FileEventDefinition) o;





Regards Gerben

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Hello Gerben,

Thank you very much for this answer and the code.

I tested it and it works just fine & wonderful.

This makes life much easyer - again thanks a lot!

Best regards


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