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How to import a Groovy class reference in Resources->References in CPI?

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As shown in Modularising CPI Groovy scripts using POGO | SAP Blogs classes that are in other scripts are available by importing them with:

import src.main.resources.script.ClassName

They just sitting in:

What happens when I put such a class in a separate package? What is the import path then?

I tried to move the class directly to a file in Common Script Collection and the import doesn't work. When the class is in the Local file the import works.

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Did someone successfully archive this? 

I am struggling to refer from one script within a script collection nto another script in a second script collection both imported in the iflow via global reference. 

What should normally work within the camel framework is an export/import parameter within the manifest file of the bundle, but it doesnt look like cloud integration provides this functionality.