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How to implement BADI for Fiori Leave Request App

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HI community

I'm a bit confused and in need of help here.

We have successfully implemented Leave Request and Leave Request Approval FiorI Apps.

The apps work in iPhone/iPad as well as in the browser. Users can create leave request and the line manager can approve or reject it.

However, the calendar in the leave request app is not showing any holidays, nor is it showing pending, rejected OR approved leave requests.

The landscape is as follows:

SAP WebAS ABAP 7.40 with latest SP as Fiori Frontend server with Fiori UI components and NW Gateway

SAP HCM on ECC 6 with Enhp 6 and HR Renewal 1.0 on WebAS ABAP 7.01 - all Integration components and ALL notes installed

We have gone through all implementation steps from the IMG, despite the BADI implementation!

I do not know how to do that. Can anyone give some detailed guidelines how to do the BADI implementation for Fiori leave request?i know we need to implement /BDHCM/BDD_ALR_APPROVER, ICON, MESSAGES and three others (names are given in imple guide) I just have no idea how to impl them in transaction SE18 or SE19 and I can't find guidance on this.

Kind regards,


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Hi Christian

We are implementing standard App.Do we need to implement this BAdI?