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How to identify SAP Tables that are related to technical or functional ?

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Dear Guru's,

We had an increase in DB growth in Oracle Database 19 and on seeing the EWA Report we got top 10 tables details and their respective growth.

We need to identify the tables to whom it belongs for example BALDAT/BALHDR is Application Table which Basis need to take care. similarly for other tables how to identify it?
is there any option to identify the table and route to right team like MM or FICO or SD or PI Team?

KIndly check and do the needful

Thanks & Regards,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Your question is quite generic.

Suggest you to look into the EWA report or use Tx DB02 to list the top tables consuming the most space.

Technical tables can be taken care by following the recommendations given in this note.

2388483 - How-To: Data Management for Technical Tables

For non technical tables, you may want to involve the functional team to assist with the data archiving.