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How to identify in sybase 15.7 sql which is doing expensive tablescans?

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I was able to identify which table has many tablescans using Rob Verschoor tool  sp_mda_monOpenObjectActivity, but the table is used in 100s stored procedures and has several triggers, how to make next step and see which SQL with this table makes a lot of tablescans?

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Just a note,the monSysStatement table gives you physical and logical read counts per stored proc line   If you have a high volume of stored proc calls, or if they do a lot of looping, this can create a lot of data and perhaps impact server performance (maybe in the 10-20% range)

If you don't want to install/learn ASEMON, you could also write a quick (temporary) manual looping insert/select from the monSysStatement table to some other temp table in the server.  You could then manually look for high logical/physical reads on a per stored proc line basis.