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How to I set the UI5 version used in CF?

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My MTA Fiori application is deployed to CF and is available in the "HTML5 Appliactions" menu. When I start the application, the latest UI5 version is used.

I want to deploy the application in a way that a specific stable UI5 version is used instead.

I tried to add the following lines to manifest.json and deploy the application, but when I open the browser console and check the UI5 version with “sap.ui5.version”, it is still reporting the latest version.

"": {
"ui5VersionNumber": "1.108.x"

How can I set the UI5 used in my HTML5 application?


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The configuration is manifest is used by Work Zone to set a stable UI version.

"": {
	   "ui5VersionNumber": "1.108.x"

If you open your app with a html file, the version is determined by the version of the UI5 library referenced in the html file. If you open your application directly from "HTML5 Applications", it is launched with the index.html packaged with your application. So the version referenced by this index.html will be used. So if you want to use a specific version, adjust the version referenced in the file index.html packaged with your application.