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how to house keep the table space BTABD, BTABI,SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE,PSAPTEMP

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Hi All

The table space SPU#BTABD,BTABI,PSAPTEMP and SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE reached 100% within short span of time, so please advise us how to house keep the above mentioned table space otherwise is it possiable to delete some data in the table space.

Please confirm

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If BTABD is becoming quite large, please check what are the largest tables in this tablespace.

If you cannot archive data from these tables, you might consider moving this table to other tablespace with a larger pagesize.

Please refer to SAP note: 362325 for the details of db6conv to move table to other tablespaces.

Ensure to use the latest available version of db6conv.

If you want to use the free pages in a tablespace you should reduce the High WaterMark

(HWM) of the appropriate tablespace by using DB2DART to reduce HWM of

tablespaces with free space (see SAP Notes 486559 and 899953).

As you know, the table spaces can have page sizes of 4 KB, 8 KB,

16 KB, or 32 KB. All tables created within a table space of a particular

size have a matching page size, for instance a table created in a 8 KB

tablespace will have a 8 KB page size, this means the maximum value for

"tablespace size" or "table size in tablespace" are the same.

Please also refer to the DB2 online document at the URL link below:


Please ensure to schedule the regular reorgchk jobs.

Best regards,


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how to findout the largest tables in this tablespace and also how to archive the specified tablespace.

Do you have any document related archive the tablespace. please provide us.



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Hi Krishguna,

You can probably use a query against ADMINTABINFO joining with syscat.tables to filter the tables for this table space. The ADMINTABINFO administrative view returns size and state information for tables.

Here is a link to the DB2 9.7 Information Center description for ADMINTABINFO:


Note that ADMINTABINFO will be run against the whole database which can cause some performance impact. You may want to do this when there is less workload on the system.



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for both "temp-tablespace" you have to extend the size because you need this for a well running system. PSAPTEMP is used during sort for exampel and should be three times bigger then the biggest table.

For BTABD and BTABI you should identify the biggest tables adn find out how to reorg or archive this. Perhaps you should also check the database maintenance jobs for reorg whether they are running correct.