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How to host Java program in PI?

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Scenario: HTTP <-> XI <> RFC.

We do not need payload since I mapped constants to RFC. Issue is that PI interface will not invoke without any payload. It requires some dummy string/xml in payload.

Partner has no capability to send dummy xml except URL.

Is there any solution to mimic dummy xml?

I am thinking about java program which can do the trick of sending XML to PI. Partner will be given URL of java application.

Question is how and where to deploy this java application in PI server. we are on PI 7.0 SPS12.

Please help.

Thread: Invoke PI interface without Payload using URL only?

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Answers (2)

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Make use of the HTTP client to send a dummy data. But this needs to be triggered manually at the sender end. This xml will be then passed to XI. Under the interface mapping, use the message mapping that includes the constant mapped to RFC structure.

If just triggering the interface is ur issue, put a dummy file on the XI file system and let the interface get triggered using NFS of file adapter.

Question is how and where to deploy this java application in PI server

SDM can be used for deploying the java application on PI java stack



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Hi Mallik,

Dowload the HTTP Client from sdn(Search).

From that HTTP client, In the payload section, you can copy and paste the payload from the graphical mapping designer tool. IN your case, your input payload may just have a root node.


Ravi kanth Talagana