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How to hide some variables on variables screen in web report (in WAD)

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I need to hide some optional variables (not all of them) on variables screen in web template.

Hiding the whole selection screen is not an option, since users have to populate other variables and some variables are mandatory.

Web template is based on a query that can be run in BEx Analyzer by superusers - and there they need all variables. I want to use the same query both in BEx Analyzer for superusers and on the Portal for regular users. For portal version though I need to hide some of the variables on the selection screen. Is it possible at all?

I would like to avoid creating two separate queries - one for Analyzer and one for Portal.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Maikhail,

To my knowledge it is not possible to hide some of the variables in the selection screen.

you have to go for creating seperate queries and making the Not Ready For Input variables which you do not want to show in the selection screen

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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if the variables are optional and mandatory both avaialble

then there is no chance that u can hide them

the only option is to create a save as QUERY and remove those variable.

it is not possible to just hide the variable screen...

if u hv used they will be displayed....

if u dont want it dont use it...

and if really using another query is not advisable as u said

the only thing i can say is that... try to interact with ur security person

ask him u need to create several authorization objects for several variables

if that is possible

let him create those

assign those specific authorization object to specific user id

use it for specific variables u need

tat way super users with specaial authorization can acess the same query and can see specific variables

regular users withouts authorization of variables can see rest of variables.