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How to hide cells in the sumation row in bps web layouts

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Hello xperts,

I'm looking for a possibility to hide certain cells in the sumation row within a planing table (layout) over the webinterface builder.

can anybody help me.

I know there is a possibility to influence a table with the tableinterface for reporting tables.

Is there any similar possibility in BPS- Web interface builder like a java script ?

Please help !!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thomas,

what exactly do you mean by "hide certain cells"? Do want to empty the contents of the cell or actually hide the cell? Hiding works for entire rows or entire tables, but hiding colums or even single cells is a bit more difficult (given, that when you hide one cell, the table loses its rectangular shape and the rows and columns don't match anymore ).

I mangaged to change the appearance of certain objects with javascript. But that works only if you have an ID or NAME attribute in the HTML-source. Let's say you have a button and want to make it disappear.

1. Create the button in the wi builder, name it button1.

2. Create a text/html field, mark the html flag.

3. Edit the long text of the field:


That will make the button disappear. But I don't think that the display attribute will have any effect on a TD. You can try with style.InnerHTML or maybe set style.color to the background color. But in any case, the TD in the HTML code needs to have an ID or NAME. Otherwise it can't be referred. Maybe changing the bsp with SE80 helps?


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