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How to hide break line in empty

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Hello Experts,

I'd like to know below matter how to solved....

CAL_A column has duplicate name sometimes.

CAL_B column is unique.

insert subtotal row when CAL_A is duplicate name.(Wanna be)

unfortunately now my method just use break function on CAL_A. therefore getting all CAL_A break (Result)

Thanks so much your kindly support....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Here is an idea for your requirement:

* define the following variable:

flag: =Previous(Self;([CAL_A])) + 1

* add "flag" to your table.

* define the break on "CAL_A" and "flag".

(Note: break on "flag" is "Value-Based Break" with "value = 2")

* hide the "flag" column



Hope this gives you an idea of how to make your report with such a requirement

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OMG!! thanks Ayman san!!

you always quickly and perfectly answer!!

i tried it. yes, you are right. but unfortunately no work when i add additional column...

again thanks your support!! i will try more

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