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How to have spreadsheet like columns in report (like an Excel grid)

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<p>I am trying to make a report in landscape format with around 15 columns across the sheet. The data is sales numbers per months plus total, budget and deviation (calculated).</p><p>The data should be in an <strong><u>Excel-like grid</u></strong>. The individual cell would obviously be fairly small so it fits across one page.</p><p>I have been playing with this for some time. Aligning so many objects seems to be a lot of work. The tools in CR are not very proficient for such type of layout.</p><p>You are lost if you want to insert a column. I did not find a way to move all fields across all sections to the right to make room. It gets all screwed up.</p><p>The grid, I tried it with borders around the fields and with horizontal / vertical lines to create the grid.</p><p> Any good tip for a better way of doing that?</p><p> Thanks in advance!</p><p>Stefan Koellmann</p>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<p>Is the cross-tab an option for your scenario? If you specifically want a grid like structure, this may be an easier route to explore.</p><p>Alternatively I&#39;d suggest snapping your objects to guidelines (the little inverted triangles on the ruler bar) to help move things around. Or when you select multiple objects, right click and utilize the &#39;align&#39; and &#39;size&#39; options to speed up some of the tasks. </p>

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