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How to handle WorkFlow Dynamically

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Dear Experts,

I need to develop a workflow and the requirement for approval process is as follows:

1. We developed a custom web dynpro applicatiod, at the end when user creates a save button, it will display another pop up where he select a number(n) from popup window and provides the list of the users(n)

2. So, we need to develop a work flow with n-level approval based on the above application.

3. Another condition is when it goes for first level approval, if the user feels that some other user approval is required before his approval, then he will forward to another user. If second approver feels that some other approval is required he may forward to another one. Like this, it may traverse m-levels horizontally.

4. Once its approved by the mth user then it has to traverse back to the first user of the approval list.

5. Then it moves to the second user for approval. The second user cal approve it or he may forward it to another user.

So, finally there are n-levels of approvers in a workflow and for each step there would be a chance og m-level approvers.

Pls help me out and suggest a solution for this.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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This could be easily done with using a loops and conditions. Let's say that you have an approval application/step, and there you have outcomes for "forward" and "approve". If the user selects forward (and then selects a user), in the following loop step, you check if the user selected "forward" - then it will loop back to the approval step and use the selected user as an agent. Etc. It is really simple - just start building it and you will see how it can be done.

Just an example. Of course you could also check if you can use the standard forwarding functionality. SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM will do the trick.



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Oops, wrong answer.

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