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How to handle multiple connection through JCO

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Hello JCo Experts,

My requirement is as follows:

> I need to create a Web Dynpro Java Application

> I have multiple users (different Users on SAP System).

> I need to execute BAPI/Module Functions through these multiple users.


Users: A and B

User A has logged in from a remote location

User B has logged in from a another remote location

both users have logged in through SAP system Login Ids

Two JCo Connections should be created and all the request from User A must use Connection A and request from B must use Connection B.

> The connection should be created at first time when user login first time.

How can I handle this scenario through JCo or other way. I have multiple BAPI/ModuelFunction which I need to execute but with User specific.

waiting for positive response.

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Answers (3)

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Hi Shiv Kumar,

You are unnecessarily getting confused. just use standard JCO's

1. WD_Modeldata_Dest (Configured with SSO)

2. WD_RFC_Metadata_Dest (Configured with UIDPW)

This JCO's will take care of connections for multiple users. However, if your application is dependent on user credentials then you need to write code for user validation in wdDoInIt() method.

Hope it helps or please details your query in more detail.



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Dear Shiv,

Please need to look into [How to Configure the JCo Destination Settings|],Updationetc

Best Regards

Arun Jaiswal

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cannot follow you......