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How to handle/extract Hierarchies in master data from R3

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Hi Experts!!!

Iu2019m currently working on HR Implementation project and this is my first project. Implementation is being done in BI 7.0 and ECC 6.0. I have some queries regarding the extraction of master data from R3 as furnished below.

1. By default all the datasources are in 3.x technology and Iu2019ve migrated all the datasources with export and successfully performed InfoPackages and DTPS into their respective InfoObjects/Data targets. But when it comes to the masterdata datasources with hierarchies, Iu2019m unable to migrate them as there is no MIGRATE option in the context menu. When I tried to create infopackage, it asked me to create Transfer rules first and perform InfoPackage. Is it mandatory to work in 3.x technology (Transfer rules/ Update rules) in case of master data hierarchies? In this case how to handle datasources with hierarchies?

2. Is it required to have any data staging component like DSO while extracting master data datasources from SAP R/3 to their respective InfoObjects (Data targets)?? Or can I directly schedule Infopackage and DTP directly into the InfoObject with out any DSOS in between for HR master data??

Good day!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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all DataSource that are created in BI 7.0 are new design, master data attribute, text and transaction DataSource can all be created in the new BI 7.0, but for hierarchy DataSource, it remains as 3.X, if you double click on the Hier DataSource, you will see the title "...Emulated 3.X ...", so the DataSource should be working perfectly fine except it is in "Modified" version, i believe it is just SAP has not or can't a way to upgrade hier DataSource.


RSDS doesnt support hierarchy datasources in BI 7.0. So we cannot use transformations and DTP with hierarchy. So it is very similar to the way we used to load it in 3.x.

Check below link for step by step procedure to load hierarchy using flat file:


i dont think you need a DSO in between for laoding master data from R/3 to BI IO.



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Hi Dhanya,

I really appreciate for ur reply. *How to maintain these hierarchies in BW *friend? are there any additional tasks in BW to be performed in this case?? and is there any specific order in which we should load attr, txts and hierarchies in BW??

so just transfer rules and an infopackage is enough to load hierarchies into the InfoObject? (as no communication structure and update rules are available for the datasource).

have a healthy day!!!

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