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How to handle bulk imports in CHaRM w/o manual intervention

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We have a question about ChaRM, Retrofit and Cutover.

As we perform Phase shifts in ChaRM, or execute a Retrofit or Cutover we see the following problem:

Import in bulk cannot be done because of all kind of manual interventions in the import queue, documented in CookBooks.

For example :

Import SIDK900123. Activate some objects in the target system (manually). Delete some things in the target system (manually). Then reactivate something in the system (manually). Now import SIDK900124, if the manual activities did not take place, the imports get returncode 8 or higher.

The import cannot continue.

How can we handle this in the ChaRM scenarios ?

We use a OTAP landscape for maintenance, a DIM landscape for projects, we use Retrofit, we use Cutover.

We have landscapes (Maintenance and Projects) for ECC, Netweaver BI, Netweaver PI and Enterprise portals.

Until now java transports are not in scope.

In fact we use everything related to ChaRM.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Don't believe this is possible without a manual process linked to it.

The only solution I see for now is that you first only release the TR that need to go to your follow-up system, import them, then perform the manual actions and then release the subsequent TRs, etc...

Same issue is popping-up when using XI Transports, as each TR has a Change List that needs to be activated. If two TRs within the same maintenance cycle contain the same object, the second TR will fail because the change list for that object is not yet activated. A manual process can solve the issue. At our project, we introduced a new user status for this.

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I do not believe it is possible to handle this situation and is the major problem I have seen with using normal corrections. It would be great to hear of a way to manage this situation but I cannot find any solution when you are importing via project.