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How to get XSD schema for a Salesforce's SOQL response?


Given: SAP CPI has a Salesforce adapter and some prepackaged content. I am creating a new iFlow to poll "Products" from Salesforce to ServiceNow.

Task: I need to create a message mapping and for that I need source structure schema.

Question: How to get XSD for source structure (Salesforce's SOQL response for an sObject)?

Notes: Salesforce adapter's documentation in CPI has a section "8.3 XSD Generator", describing that functionality is available in "SAP Cloud Integration add-on" for Eclipse. The problem is add-on was deprecated since Eclipse Oxygen version. And I can't find a successor to that tool.

If there is no successor, please advise what workarounds do I have and how better to approach the task. Need something with minimal manual corrections as I expect lots of new iFlows and adjustments. Some thoughts:

1) WSDL->XSD. I have an enterprise WSDL from Salesforce, so maybe there is a tool (beside manual copy-paste) to fetch a necessary type with all dependencies into XSD.

2) XML->XSD. I can build SOQL, get an XML response and then use any XML to XSD converters to generate a schema.

3) Other options

I would love to hear any of your expert suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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Hi konstantin-shirokov,

Just to understand better your query, were you not able to access/use eclipse oxygen currently? I am using oxygen version and can able to generate XSD through SOQL editor.