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How to get the System Hardware key from a java program

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Hi All

I am trying to get the hardware key from the System which is unique.I am able

to get the MAC Address of the System,But it won't be useful for my requirement.

I need Some other hardware key which is unique for the system.Is there any java

program to get the hardware key(Except MAC address).

If so i need the related links to resolve this issue

thanks and regards


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Hi Satya,

Check the post:

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Hi Abilash

As u have given the thread contains the information about B1. We are using SAP B1 2004.As is said in the thred B1LicenseFile.txt file that is not existed in the SBOLicense directory .

SAP B1 service manager --> Settings,When i give the local server IP ,I got the Hardware key from the System.

We want to know how they are getting the hardware key .Is it possible to get that

hardwware key through the java program/DIAPI

thanks and regards


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Hi Srinivas,

I really didnt see any API which gives System Hardware key.

Check the <b>saplicense</b> command in <b>/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/run/</b>. If you run this command with <b>-get</b> it displays the required Info.

What you can do here is, write a Java Program which executes this command (you can use Runtime.exec()) and redirect the output to some stream and process it.