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How to get the parameter from Java Script into the Parameter crystal Report

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Hi All,

Crystal Report is integrated with Oracle 10g. I created the base SQL query for col1, col2, col3 and col4. Java Script pass parameter value (185) to Col1.

My question is how to create crystal report to make Col1 as parameter and how to get the parameter value 185(Col1) from Java Script. Is there any additional code I need to include in the crystal report?


Java script sends the right parameter value.There is no issue in java script.

This is an automatic scheduled process when batch runs, Java script should pass the parameter value and the crystal report should get the value and produce the output report.

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Not sure if this is an application question or if you are trying to hook into Crystal Reports parameter UI? If the later then no option other than report design. If an application then I can move this to the Java Forums.

If you are asking how to alter the parameters I suggest you remove the Java reference and post a new question so it's not confusing the issue.

Please clarify?