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How to get the histoical data for newly LO Enhanced field in the cube?

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Hi to all...

We have a Infocube with 2 years data.

I have enhanced the datasource with a new field.

Now my question is how to fill the past 2 years data to this field in cube?

I have gone through many threads in SDN.

The only possible solution i got is running a repair full request without disturbing deltas.

Can anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks and regards


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Hi Satte,

Firstly i would like to know what version of BW environment you are using, If it is BW 3.5 it is advisable for you to use infoset overr your cube and populate the data to your new cube with enhanced fields.

As it is 2 years data , it will take a lots of time to fill it.

If it is a 7.0 version and if you have DSO before loading to the cube , you would have to use Full Repair Requests to load the data.



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Hi Krishna,

I'm working on BI 7.0

Thanks for the Response..