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How to get the complete data from UI Rich text editor to Adobe Livecycle designer text field?

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I am working on a requirement where the UI5 screen created using Business Application Studio will have one placeholder for the Rich Text Editor and then the complete data present in that editor like table, pictures, any formatted text,etc should be displayed as it is in the Adobe form which will be generated by calling the PDF API call. API call to Form service by Adobe is already present using CPI as middleware. But how the dynamic data present in UI5 Rich Text Editor can be displayed in PDF as it is?

I have tried below but it's not working:

Created an input text field in Adobe form with field format as 'Rich Text', checked the checkbox for 'Allow Multiple Lines' and added below javascript code in 'Initialization' event.

This code is working fine if I use this input text with html tags:E.g., <scopeOfWork><![CDATA[<ul><li><p><b>Project</b> <i>Initiation</i> <u>Documentation</u></p></li>]]></scopeOfWork>
But it is not working if I test it with below input, <scopeOfWork><![CDATA[<table><tbody><tr><th>Column1</th><th>Column2</th></tr><tr><td>Value1</td><td>Value1.1</td></tr><tr><td>February</td><td>$80</td></tr></tbody></table>]]></scopeOfWork>
Please help here and suggest if any workaround to achieve this.

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Hi Renuka,

Have you got the solution to your problem? We have similar issue in SAP BAS.



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