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How to get started with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile?

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I am new to BI/BO but my colleges are already working with BI/BO but have no idea about the mobile possibilities. Because of that I would like to support them. Unfortunately I don't get the point with some questions:

- Which licence do I need in order to get the two IPad apps for BI/BO running?

- Is it correct that I need an tomcat to deploy the war files? So this will not work with an "normal" Netweaver on linux?

Thanks a lot,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vanessa,

this is an interesting question that many may have.

There are various documents available depending on what your role will be whether IT, Administrator, Designer or Consumer

Installation / Deployment / Administration:

[SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Installation and Deployment Guide|]

Document Designers' Guide

[Designing BI documents for mobile users|]

Users Guides

[SAP BusinessObjects Mobile User Guide|]

[Using SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for iPad|]

to prevent or troubleshoot problems

[SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for iPad Release Notes|]

[SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for iPad - Error Messages Explained|]

Please note that this list can change, it is better to check for updates additions in the

[SAP BusinessObjects documentation page|]

For what concerns licensing, normally the clients are subject to the licensing models of each app, for the server it varies hence I would suggest to contact sales through your normal preferred channels.

I hope the above information help

Thanks and regards


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