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How to get SOA Manager Logical Port configuration Details in ABAP program

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Hi colleagues,

Can anyone help me how to retrieve the authentication data like user name in logical port? In tcode SOAMANAGER > Service Administration > Web Service Configuration then Search by Consumer Proxy then Display. I would like to get the userID in ABAP program. Can someone help me know in what table were they stored?

From my side I have used ST05 to trace the webservice update process. But I couldn't find related data from the table which listed by ST05 like SRT_CFG_DIR, SRT_CFG_CLI_ASGN, SRT_RTC_CFGVAL, SRT_RTC_DATA, etc.....

Is the authentication data not stored in SAP table or it stored as some encrypt  format? I only need to get the Logical Port authentication UserID to generate a report to list it for different configuration connection.





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Hi Kevin, 

If this a  Webservice for Consumer, then the 3rd party should provide the user for authetication,  which you could then store it in a ztable in case of update, and write an logic to automatically fill those field when running.

Hope it helps.