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how to get rid of unassigned values in the report

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hai to all,

here is the issue,

while running a report(sales per country), iam getting the data,after that when i drill down on <u><b>sales document number</b></u> iam getting some unassigned data, with Sales document number as #, and some value in the keyfigure.what is the reason behind this?

Here is another issue that i want to find all the sales documents which have the value # in the report?, is it possible? the same case with <u><b>Customer country</b></u>, on the same report.

pl anyone help me



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Answers (2)

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Hi Shyam.

Regarding the first issue: Well, you've loaded some data records into your cube where the "Sales Doc Field" is empty. Did you load through PSA? The best way to scan your PSA (I believe) is to find the underlying table and have a look at it via SE16. In this way you don't have to scan through every data single package. This can be done via "display data flow" from your cube and switch on technical names. There you have it. (It's called /BIC/B00...etcetc you might have to add i few zeroes though when you enter it into SE16). Get request ID from "Infocube Managment". In SE16 seelction screen use F2 to set the "sales Doc No." field even to blank.

Second issue is a bit easier: in your query (or a working copy of your query) restrict on "Sales Doc No" or "Customer Coutry" to only include value "#". In the same way you can remove the unassigned values be excluding value "#".

Hope this works for you.

Chears, Jørn

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If you have unassigned nodes it means that with the particular country some sales documents were with blank numbers.

You can get rid of them restricting the appropriate IO in the query designer by all values, except #, but it dangerous! I'd better try to find out why there were such blanks. Otherwise you can loose some information.

I met a lot of such problems. Most of them were related to wrong logic in URs and TRs.

Best regards,