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How to get Report Field Object from Crystal Report Win App CRAXDDRT?

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ar Experts,

                    i have designed crystal report in windows application. Now i have to get the position(twips) of the field object.

i done this in web application , Same like i need to get the values from CRAXDDRT in Windows App.

            Dim reportObject As ReportObject = rpt.ReportDefinition.ReportObjects("PayeeName")

            Dim TextObject As FieldObject = DirectCast(reportObject, FieldObject)

            Dim top As Integer = TextObject.Top

            Dim bottom As Integer = TextObject.Left

above code working in web application. same i want in Windows App,

How can i get the position of the Field Object from CRAXDDRT in windows app?

below code now i am using in Windows  App,

Dim crFieldObject As FieldObject = New CRAXDDRT.FieldObject

Is this correct format to get value from field object?

i got error from this code,

Please help me to resolve this issues..


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I suppose before we start looking at the details of your query, we should check out why you are getting the error.

What version of CR are you using (please be precise - e.g. version XI is not precise)?

What OS are you on?

You say that you have done this in a web app, but the issue is in a win app. Is the web app you developed on this same computer and using the same version of CR?


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Dear Ludek ,

As per my requirement I will create  template (rpt) , setup and send to my client.

Template will design from Sap Crystal report version for Visual studio 2010 - SP6  and 

setup create from windows application using CRAXDDRT dll .  once user installed the setup , he can open template and change the position of some filed and save in new name  , then he upload the changed rpt in our server,

once he uploaded I can read the position of the filed from web application and insert in back end , so I can dynamically change the position of the field and generate report depends up on various client .   I hope now u understand my requirement.

I installed Crystal report X1 Release 2 , so I got the CRAXDDRT dll from (C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\Common\3.5\bin)

Now I  can use CRAXDDRT in windows application , so user can change the position during runtime. 

how to get field object position from windows application using CRAXDDRT dll.?

both application developed in same system.

You Mentioned that  version XI is not precise , then which DLL will support for user to design at run time . is it possible to design at runtime using web application ?

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Well, there are at least three issues to consider before you even start to consider the programing aspect of this project:

1) More than likely you are not licensed to use craxddrt.dll - unless you contacted sales and discussed this with them and obtained licensing that is in addition to CR XI "out of the box". If yo want more information on the licensing for Craxddrt.dll, please contact sales at 866-681-3435.

2) Once you obtain the necessary licensing, how are you goig to deploy the application and the CR runtime?

3) What OS are you planning to run this web app on? As you are using CR XI R2, you will not be able to use an OS higher than WIN 2003. See this wiki for more details re. supported Operating Systems.

More re. licensing. Licensing is for craxddrt.dll is - well, not cheap. My suggestion, since you have VS 2010, would be to download the free "SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio" (CRVS) and create a .NET based application using the CR Assemblies for .NET. Once you have CRVS, you can use the InProc RAS SDK report creation APIs to get the positioning of the fields and so on. CRVS can be downloaded by clicking on the SP 7 executable download link in this document:

Lastly, precise version, for any software, is typically specified in the Help | About screen. Thus for CR XI R2 with SP 6 applied, the Help | About screen should be telling you that the version is This is the precise version.

- Ludek