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How to get distinct records in SAP BO information space.

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We are back porting few of the 4.x explorer to 3.x version of information space.

Even thought the objects that we are pulling same, we are getting different data in both the versions.

When we actually debug into the issue, we found that by default SAP4.x is taking distinct records and projecting in the explorer where BOXI3.2SP4 is counting all the duplicate records.

How to overcome this



computer1 # 1 OS1 # 1     User1   # 1   Carrier # 1


computer1 # 3 OS1 # 3     User1   # 3   Carrier # 3

When i saw the background query it is returning duplicate records (3) by default,

So my question is can we set any properties to show only distinct records in explorer

Thanks in advace

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Divya,

Kindly check the same workflow for Webi report by creating one on the same objects.

Try with checking "Avoid duplicate row aggregation" and compare the records in 3.x and 4.x versions.

Explorer does not contain any such properties settings to filter the records fetched.

Best regards,


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