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How to get Cost centers a below a cost center from hierarchy using ABAP

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Hi !!

I am currently developing a user application wherin i need to give a dropdown help to the users for cost center field.

How ever I need to give him those cost centers in the help which are lower to the cost center to which he is assigned .

For example he is at department level which has cost center '90000' he should get the cost centers of the offices assigned to that department in the hierarchy .Also cost centers of various lower nodes which might have been assigned to these offices and so on so forth .

How can I get those cost centers which lie lower to a particular cost center in the hierarrchy using ABAP I am in to BSP application and have access using ABAP.

thanks in advance

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usually there will be a hierarchy table where the cost center hierarchy is stored. see if you can find that table.

To go about the same , activate the datasource for cost center hierarchy from business content

Execute the datasource in RSA3

do a background SQL trace and you will find the necessary table for the same.

Hope it helps..


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