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How to get Connected to any SAP server through EP

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Hi Experts,

I want to know the procedure to get connected to any of SAP servers through EP

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raja,

I had explained it some time back.

have a look on this:-

will give you a step by step execution

You need to do three different activities here

1)Creation of System object at System Admin side

2)Assigning the system alias to the particular user

3)Creation of iView in the Content admin side

Creation of System object

->sys admin, sytem configuration workset

->system landscape page(The steps may vary in EP 7...I am doing it in EP6)

-Under portal content,select our folder,new system, select sap r/3 dedicated

->provide system name and id.->Finish

under the connector:

Application host: enter the ip address of the sap-r/3

then provide the logical system name

enter the client number.........

server port...for sap-r/3 it is 3200

s/m the sap system you are trying to connect with.

and under the user management property

logon method---uidpw

usermapping type--admin, user

save everything.

Now to create the system alias.....goto edit on the top right corner, select system alias.

provide name,for the system alias.



User mapping

->user admin role->user mapping ws, find out the edit the user system alias under system..

provide userid and pswd to enter into the sap system.


now got to Content admin to create an iView

here under the type of iView, select SAP Transaction iView, now select GUI for the system alias already created....transaction code is SE11...finish..

Put the iView in a, role...the usual stuff...

all the best.....


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