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How to get all actual selections of a VizChart ?

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Hello together,

is it possible to get all actual selections of e.g. a Pie-Chart ?

For example the user marked 2 of 5 slices and selects now the 3. one.

In the event "selectData" I have only the information about the actual selection, the 3. one.

But I need all 3 slices.

How can I get them all together ?



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Answers (2)

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Hey Viktor,

there is the selection() method of viz BaseCharts (SAPUI5 SDK - Demo Kit). But unfortunately the VizFrame is extending BaseControl so this is not available. If this is pivotal for you you could switch to sap.viz.ui.Column as your used chart control f.e.

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Hi Viktor,

I don't think there is any method available to catch hold of all previous selected portion values. But alternatively, you can use a JSON model where you can store old select data and append/push new select data to the same.

Please check the sample here - Column Chart Values Select


Sai Vellanki