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How to generate stack file to deploy SAP_UI 750

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Hello Everyone,

I want to deploy SAP_UI 750 addon to integrate NWBC with fiori launchpad. I have tried to install in SAINT but it is not allowing to deploy rather it is asking stack file for the same.When i tried to generate stack file SAP_UI 750 was not included on queue.Anyone have faced same issue and could you please provide some solution.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (2)

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Hi Basis,

You have to include the SAPUI as a add-on while generating the stack for the SAP System.

With the new version of SAP Netweaver , SAPUI component is already available in the system and in that case you dont have to include the SAPUI 750 as a addon component.

Kindly let me know the version of sap netweaver.

To generate the stack for 750 SAP netweaver , you have to do it from maintenance planner available in SMP.

With Regards

Ashutosh Chaturvedi

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For newer product versions, it is a good idea to give Maintenance Planner a try.

Best regards,

Miguel Ariño