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How to generate something in a webi report to email even if no data found?

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I have created a webi report on top of a universe related to our project managment system.  Each Monday I want the report to run automatically and email the output in Excel for projects classified incorrectly that need to be fixed.  The problem with the report is that some weeks the data is all correct so the query finds no data, and sends out the report without just the column headings.  Those who receive the report are then assuming that was issue in how report ran and problems exist with the data.  Is there a way to make the Excel report document display something along the lines of "No bad entries found"?

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It is possible to do that. This is how you do it.

1. Go to Universe Designer and open the universe.

2. Right click on the Measures.

3. Select "Object format."

4. Click on "Number Tab"

5. Select "Number" or "Currency" on the left side "Category" window.

6. At the bottom of the Object format window, you will see "Undefined" parameters. Enter "No bad entries"

7. Click OK. Save your universe and export it.

If you are using BO 4.0 you do this formatting in Information Design Tool.


1. Click on the measure.

2. Click on Advanced Tab.

3. Click Create Display format button.

4. Click on Numeric and click on Custom format.

5. After you click, Custom Format Edito Opens. You enter your text in "Undefined" section.

You can check e-fashion universe how this is done.

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Place a cell at the top of the report and place a formula in it like:

=If NumberOfRows([My Report Object])=0 Then "No Data" Else " "

Or place a similar formula in one of the cells already showing on the report.


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You could use the NumberOfRows function.

I can't seems to find a link with function description that is not on my local system.  So here is a screenshot of the documentation for the NumberOfRows function.