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How to generate a SAPGUILandscape.xml for Java from a SAPUILandscape.xml for Windows?

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I'm using SAPGUI for the Java Environment 7.80rev1 on a MacBook Pro 13" (M3, 2022) running macOS Ventura Version 13.6.4.

Once in while I have to access a system which not exists in the above SAPGUI.
In such a case I contact one of my colleagues working on Windows PC, get the information about this very system and add it manually to my SAPGUI.

Due to the fact that I'm working in a project with a couple of such systems (not existent in the SAPGUI for Java but existent in SAPGUI for Windows) I wonder if there is a way to copy / import ALL systems from the SAPGUI for Windows into the SAPGUI for Java.

After googl-ing the problem I discovered that the information is stored in the files SAPGUILandscape.xml (for SAPGUI for Java) and respectively SAPUILandscape.xml (for SAPGUI for Windows) so I got the XML-file from one of my Windows colleagues and wanted to copy / import the missing informations.

However the two files are completely different:

CleanShot 2024-02-01 at 11.36.22.png

Do you have an idea how to generate a SAPGUILandscape.xml for Java from a SAPUILandscape.xml for Windows?



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SAP GUI for Java and SAP GUI for Windows are using the same format.

The file on the right side that the Windows machines are using have an include "file://" that is ponting to a share, which is normally no good idea when storing a global configuration. A better solution would be to have access to the file via a webserver. Is that possible in your group?

In that case you would enter the URL into the SAP GUI for Java preferences. See the manual for details. 

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I am successfully using the same UILandscape.xml file on both SAPGUI for Windows and Java on Mac, or Linux OS. SAPGUI for Java 7.80 rev 6.

You can either export/import to/from a local file (see screenshot) or serve it from the same server URL.

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That is new for me - thanks @mmaglis!
(funny how I tried to google the solution without looking at the menu-items first! 😉

However it didn't work: I've got a SAPUILandscapeGlobal.xml-file from a PC, imported without any issues via "Import Connections…" menu (*) BUT even after restarting the SAP GUI I couldn't find a specific system (ET5) that it's actually available in the xml-file.

CleanShot 2024-02-29 at 06.10.30.pngCleanShot 2024-02-29 at 06.14.08.png

Any ideas?

You also mentioned that one can "serve it from the same server URL". How does this exactly works? (this time I searched first in the menu-items BEFORE asking 😉 but I still didn't find it! 😉

(*): At least I think so, because I didn't get any confirmation.