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How to generate a Multiprovider

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I am having a cube a now trying to get this cube under a multiprovider. Actually its already there, but the objects in

Multiprovider and Cube are different.

Now I am looking for a function to copy all Object/Dimensions from cube into that multiprovider, but I can't find it.

Where did Sap hide it? It must be possible...even by hand I can not add any dimensions, and an "edit button" is also not

available. Doubleclick - context menu. nothing works.


Edited by: alto on Nov 28, 2011 8:58 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alto,

You could also check some things as well.

(01) Is this a development/sandpit system or a NetWeaver trial system?

(02) Is the client open for configuration in transaction SCC4 and SCC6?

(03) Can you create a new MultiProvider in a different InfoArea?

(04) Are any other MultiProviders available for editing?

(05) Using transaction RSRT, does the MultiProvider pass all available tests?

(06) Using transaction RSRT, do all DataProviders to the MultiProvider pass all their available tests?

(07) Double check your user role and profile assignment.

(08) Use transaction RS12 ans SE12 to confirm there are no lost locks on the MutliProvider object from a prior short dump.

(09) Use transaction ST01 to start an authorisation trace. Navigate to transaction RSA1. Try to change the MultiProvider and Dimensions. Go back to transaction ST01 and stop the trace. Review the log for any authorisation failures.

(10) Is the lack of changeability limited to only this one object or is it something more system wide like the archive logs are full?

Double check, manually, that each of the characteristics and key figures actually/really exist in the system. In an earlier version/patch level of BW v3.x (not sure the exact number) I had a simular issue where a characteristic was not "Active" and the MultiProvider GUI interface code did not handle the inactive characteristic gracefully. It did just lock up and stay in display mode. Solution was to activate the characteristic and then the MultiProvider was available for edit.

These are all guesses; at least it will help you narrow it down to what it is not.

Kind Regards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Are you talking about BI7 THEN you need to check that Infocube on left hand side and drag the objects on to right in the dimension.Also you can create dimension like in cube.

If above is not working check your authorisations.There will be something missing.

Thanks and regards


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Check authorizations with your basis team, you might not be authorize to create MP.