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How to fix the language of UWL II

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As other people we also have a requirement to have our UWL in Portal display only in English, whereas other parts are in browser language (if language is not set in UME).

  • We set the property Forced Request Language of the iView to English.
  • We set the communication language in the backend to English
  • We deleted any other language information in the corresponding

No success.

Any ideas?

Kind regards


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Hi Klaus

Based on what you have stated, we should check whether the UWL is being shown in the portal by using the PageBuilder WebDynpro component or not. The PageBuilder is part of WebDynpro itself.

Any first and single instance of any WebDynpro component sets the language according to a language hierarchy. But the Page Builder has no option through which it can implement "Forced Request Language" property.

In other words, "Page Builder" doesn't know what is the meaning of "Forced Request Language", and hence can't implement it.

In order to isolate if this is the case and this is what is causing your Forced Request Language not to work, please try to remove the UWL iview currently in place from any WebDynpro Page in which it might be enclosed.

Add the iView directly to a role or any other way different from putting the iview inside of a web dynpro page.

Then check if the parameter will be passed over to the UWL iview, since it won't be ran through the PageBuilder anymore.

Kind regards,

Armando Zaro