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How to find the link to my CAL instance?

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I have been using a SAP CAL instance for the free train month, we have the S/4HANA product license already but not SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription. Our account manager at SAP have offered us to get a 3 month extension of the CAL free subscription but in order to get that activated a more technical guy needs to be involved and he asks me for a link to my CAL instance. He says the link to my CAL instance should start with "https://tiint.hana.ondemand..." but the only link I can find starts with "".

Anyone who knows how to find the link to the CAL instance starting with "https://tiint.hana.ondemand..."?

Grateful for any help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Johan,

The com is right for customers (tiint is something SAP-internal).

Fyi, this blog has details about extending an appliance beyond 30 days:
Best Joerg

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