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How to find Script Style for Standard Purchase Order Form "MEDRUCK".

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Hi ,

I need to convert script style using by Sap-script form 'Medruck' to Smart form style and for this i have to find Sap-script style name for Medruck.

If anyone have a idea about it then plz tell me.

It's very urgent for me.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Use program SF_MIGRATE to convert SAPscript to smartform. But unfortunately there is no way to convert your paragaph formats of your SApscripts to Smartstyles, you have to create a new style and append it to the newly converted smartform.

Close the thread once your question is answered.



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Hi Gaurav,

If I'm not wrong, we don't have any SAP-Script Style, but when we are trying to upgrade to SmartForms simply u upgrade using smartforms transaction code, and it will convert all your character formats and paragraph formats and try to assign as SYSTEM Style in Smartforms.

If you find the difference then you need to create SmartStyle manually and assign it.



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Thanks a lot.

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debug ur script